Loft Insulation

Loft insulation

Put the hat to your home!

The 25 % of domestic heat in our homes is lost through the loft, provoking energy inefficiency, squandering of money and Carbon Dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Putting the hat to your home, you reduce heat from escaping and you keep your home warmer through less use of energy.

With a loft insulation you can improve the energy efficiency of your home cutting down heat loss by up to 25%. With this simple Green Solution you can also help reduce your heating bill up to £180 per year[ii].

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the loft’s thickness recommended is 270mm (11”), but most of UK houses have loft insulation with only 100mm (4”). Topping up your Loft Insulation, you could save more energy, reducing the CO2 emissions by up to 730 kg, and you could save up to £180 per year, with a possible payback period as one to three years[iii].

What is a loft insulation? Loft insulation is a simple and effective process. It involves lining the space between the roof joists with either a glass mineral wool insulation rolled out in layers or alternatively by blowing a loose material directly onto the roof space to the recommended depth of 270mm.


Loft Insulation (0 to 270mm)

Loft Insulation (100 to 270mm)

Approximate saving per year

Up to £180


Installation cost

£300 (Approx.)

Up to £300 (Approx.)

Time taken to pay for itself

Up to two years

Up to twelve years

Carbon dioxide (CO2) saving per year

Around 730 kg

Around 110 kg


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