External Wall Insulation

External Wall InsulationPut the coat to your home!

In an un-insulated home the heat loss through the walls count around the 35 %.  Above all, if your home was built before 1920s is likely to be constructed with solid brick walls without gaps or cavity. This means that is much easier for the heat to escape. There are around 7 million homes in UK built with solid wall and for them a Cavity Wall Insulation is simply not possible.

There are two common solutions to insulate the solid walls: the internal insulation and the external insulation.

The External Wall Insulation consist of fastening a layer of insulation material to the outer walls of your homes and then covering it with a special type of render and cladding. In this way, the walls of your home will become warmer, more weatherproof and sound resistant.

External Wall Insulation could help you to save up to £490 per year in your bills and 1.9 tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

How is External Wall Insulation installed? First of all a survey is carried out to establish the existing wall type, required insulations thickness and render finish. Then the ‘building furniture’ (such as external pipes and fittings) are removed from the walls of your home. Next a layer of insulation material is fixed to the outer walls of your home. Finally a render is applied and the ‘building furniture’ is refitted. Now your home is ready to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, with less energy’s use and more savings.

Even if your savings in your bills could be dramatic, the cost of the External Wall Insulation is quite expensive. Prices range between £9,400 to £13,000 per property, depending on size and access to the walls to be insulated. Nevertheless, every private family is entitled to a grant.

Solid Wall Insulation Grant.

Under the ECO initiative to improve UK’s energy efficiency, the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO) has funding for the solid-walled homes and for the Hard to treat properties. CERO works as a non-repayable grant funding.  Anyone living in a solid-walled property is entitled to funding regardless of age, income or benefit entitlement.


Saving per year.

Total cost including installation.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) saved per year.

External Wall Insulation

Around £490

£9,400 to £13,000

1.9 tonnes

                                                                                                            Source: Energy Saving Trust

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