Green Deal Assessment

A Green Deal Assessment takes less than two hours.  During the visit the Green Deal Advisor (GDA) will assess the factors that affect the energy efficiency your property and the pattern of your energy usage.  Prior to your Green Deal advice visit and not less than 24 hours in advance of the assessment taking place you should receive a Request for Information Form (Pre-visit Questionnaire).

During your Green Deal assessment, your advisor will collect specific information from a physical inspection of your home and occupancy information; additionally you will be provided with plenty of information on the policy and opportunities.

The GDA will confirm the physical scope of the assessment (e.g. whole/part of building) with you in terms of what level of access is required.  On arrival at your property the GDA will also explain the following:


 1. What the Green Deal assessment is for and how it can be used to obtain a quote for Green Deal finance;

2. How long the visit is likely to take and, if it requires more than one GDA or more than one visit, who each GDA is and what they will be responsible for;

3. Where the property is rented, confirmation will be required from the tenant providing consent for the assessment;

4. Where the Customer for the Assessment is a tenant, then written consent will be needed from the landlord before the implementation of the Green Deal Plan.  This will include consent from the landlord to attach the Green Deal charge to the electricity meter;

5. Whether the GDA is employed or sub-contracted and details of financial incentives (i.e. commission)

Finally the GDA will discuss the possible outcome of the assessment and later issue a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) consisting of both an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and an Occupancy Assessment (OA) report.


Please click here for the Green Deal information pack.



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